Zoom Plans To Set Up Email Service—Move Aside, Gmail, Here’s ‘Zmail’

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Video conferencing company Zoom may have had the best year of its life during the pandemic, giving people and businesses around the world an easy way to stay connected while staying apart. However, with work and life  resuming to normal, there has been less of a need to host dinner parties or important meetings over the app.

In futureproofing itself, Zoom has recently refreshed its brand identity to show that it is much more than a video conferencing software. Joining its repositioning, it seems, will be new email and calendar services.

If you’ve ever been asked to join a Zoom meeting, you would have most likely received the invite via Gmail or Outlook. This means it’s often intercepted by the services of rivals like Google and Microsoft, who each have their own in-app calling services. 

According to The Information, the email and calendar have been in development for the last two years and may be ready in time for the Zoomptopia conference in November.

It has also been rumored that the potential names for the services will be ‘Zmail’ and ‘Zcal’.

Given how widely used Gmail and Outlook are and have been for so long, Zoom’s calendar function may just be the more successful one, as an in-app scheduling option could help people keep on track with their calls.

Zoom’s late entrance into the email market might puzzle customers, and its success in grasping clients who most likely have email addresses they’re loyal to will remain unclear for now.

Even as Zoom was forecasted to see a dip in its customer reach once the pandemic eased up, however, it has actually been seeing steady growth. According to a financial report, its customer base increased by 8% year-over-year, and that it could generate US$1.1 billion in revenue in the second quarter of the 2023 fiscal year.

With that in mind, seeing as things are on the up and up, there may be no better time than now for the app to capitalize on its growth.  

[via TechRadar and The Information, Photo 182080600 © Andreistanescu | Dreamstime.com]

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