With a New Namee, PhotoRefine Finds Your Best Photos

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The start-up bundle Optyx was based connected a elemental idea: what if artificial quality could easiness the load of photograph culling? The A.I. photograph manager caught the attraction of Zenfolio, who purchased the bundle and added it to its subscription options. Now, it’s called PhotoRefine. Because I had tried the archetypal software, I was funny to spot what changes Zenfolio made, truthful I signed up for the escaped proceedings and tested it out.

The bundle sees respective improvements. For starters, it present considers facial expressions, and the idiosyncratic interface is overmuch nicer. While those are large changes, my wide sentiment remains the same: PhotoRefine is large for choosing the champion changeable successful a bid of bursts, but it’s little utile for photographers who person refined their method skills and don’t seizure a ton of repeats.

We’ve updated the afloat reappraisal nether the PhotoRefine name, which you tin work here. But, if you privation the abbreviated version, instrumentality a look astatine my last conclusions below.



  • PhotoRefine is large for rapidly uncovering the sharpest photograph successful a radical of akin shots.
  • The app automatically groups akin shots together.
  • It inactive includes manual culling tools, and since shots are already grouped, and previews load fast, it’s reasonably speedy to tweak the picks yourself.


  • The app doesn’t see lighting. oregon alternatively it might, but it doesn’t bash a large occupation astatine it.
  • Using a programme similar PhotoRefine means you’ll person to import twice.
  • It’s nary longer disposable arsenic a stand-alone program.

PhotoRefine is imperfect, but it blends A.I. and existent quality input. The app didn’t bash the full cull for me. But, by grouping akin shots and uncovering the sharpest one, PhotoRefine allowed maine to velocity up the culling process and inactive find the shots that talk to me.

Some of the app’s imperfections — the inability to prime the champion light, for illustration — make an ideal, portion A.I.-part quality cull. But, I would emotion to spot different flaws corrected successful an updated mentation of the app. I would emotion to person the enactment of giving immoderate images zero stars. And the quality to take however galore photos are 5 stars would besides beryllium helpful.

It’s besides different programme that you request to import your photos to. You’ll privation to upload the photos, past locomotion distant and travel backmost later. It would beryllium large if PhotoRefine could someway marque a plug-in for Capture One and Lightroom that worked without importing the photos a 2nd time. If you don’t privation to hold for photos to load, Photo Mechanic creates interaction sheets quickly, though you bash person to spell done and take the picks yourself.

PhotoRefine is simply a bully enactment for photographers who regularly usage burst mode and instrumentality a fewer variations of akin shots. If your photos are mostly technically good to statesman with, it’s going to beryllium little useful. It’s a large instrumentality for rapidly uncovering the sharpest shots successful a burst series. It’s a positive for Zenfolio users, though I’m not definite I would motion up conscionable for the A.I. culling. It’s $7 a period added connected to the $8 and $18 subscriptions, but it’s included in $36/month ProSuite. Photographers who lone instrumentality 1 oregon 2 shots of the aforesaid taxable won’t truly prevention clip with PhotoRefine. If you sprout a batch of bursts, effort the 14-day escaped proceedings to spot however PhotoRefine fits successful your workflow.

I’m giving PhotoRefine 4 retired of 5 stars.

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