Where Is the Canon EOS R1?

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The Canon EOS R3 has been quite well received, and though it has some top-level professional capabilities that help it compete with cameras like the Sony a1 and Nikon Z9, it is not meant to be Canon's flagship mirrorless camera. That title will belong to the EOS R1, whenever it gets here, but when will that be?

In the last few months, Canon has continued to release new mirrorless cameras and lenses, but news about the EOS R1, the mirrorless equivalent of the 1D series, has been rather hard to find. However, Canon Rumors is reporting that the EOS R1 will be announced in the second half of next year, with teasers from Canon starting to drop in the first half of the year. The body is rumored to have the highest resolution of any full frame body, a title currently held by the Sony a7R IV, which sits at 61 megapixels. I am not surprised to hear that the camera will offer high levels of resolution, as the EOS R3, Nikon Z9, and Sony a1 are all fairly evenly matched on the specs sheets except in that category, where Canon's offering sits at about half the resolution of Sony's and Nikon's. Further information on the camera is scarce at the moment, but I suspect Canon will be borrowing features from the EOS R3 and taking feedback from pros using the camera to incorporate into the EOS R1. Hopefully, we will hear more soon! 

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Gear / September 10, 2021

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