What Matters to Monica Rich Kosann

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Debbie Millman has an ongoing task astatine PRINT titled “What Matters.” This is an effort to recognize the interior beingness of artists, designers, and originative thinkers. This facet of the task is simply a petition of each invited responsive to reply 10 identical questions and taxable a nonprofessional photograph.

Monica Rich Kosann is simply a good creation lensman and accessory designer. Her eponymous brand produces respective antithetic collections of jewelry, location decor, representation cases, frames, and evening bags.

What is the happening you similar doing astir successful the world?

TELLING A STORY. My roots are successful photography, and my constituent of presumption for each my commissions was to uncover a spot of a person’s communicative done my work. That morphed into being a jewelry designer, which is conscionable different mode for a pistillate to archer her story. I emotion inspiring women to archer their narratives done their jewelry, and feeling empowered from them. We astir precocious created a tennis bracelet postulation based connected the authentic tennis bracelet communicative of Chris Evert. She’s the crushed we telephone it the tennis bracelet! Jewelry is connected to life. It is worn connected our bodies each day. When it’s not, we consciousness similar a portion of america is missing. It travels with america connected each the roads and paths we take.

What is the archetypal representation you person of being creative?

I was a precise shy child, and creativity was my mode of expressing myself. I was a violinist arsenic a young girl, and I ever painted, played guitar, did photography, and loved to get mislaid successful a museum. My emotion of photography started erstwhile I was successful precocious school, and I retrieve the feeling of utilizing my caput and oculus to spot things, and make an representation from that. When I worked successful the darkroom, and the photograph appeared connected the paper, it was axenic affectional magic.

What is your biggest regret?

See my reply to the adjacent question.

How person you gotten implicit heartbreak?

I’m rather bully astatine recovery. Perhaps it is due to the fact that my parents had a beauteous messy divorcement erstwhile I was give, and I had nary prime but to get done it. There was a batch of emotion successful my family, and that of people helped, but I genuinely judge successful moving connected and not looking back. I person a postulation called “Perseverance.” It is inspired by a French deco sculpture, and it’s successful the signifier of a fish, due to the fact that food aquatics forward. I americium a beardown believer successful not having regrets. It’s a discarded of time.

What makes you cry?

Oh, I outcry precise easily… a commercialized tin interruption me. Sometimes, I peek astatine the acquisition cards our customers write, and I really cry. They are truthful touching and inspiring. It makes maine arrogant that I tin make thing that helps idiosyncratic other animate someone. I besides walk clip successful our stores, and I ever perceive the astir touching stories from our customers. By the extremity of our speech we are usually crying, laughing, and hugging!

How agelong does the pridefulness and joyousness of accomplishing thing past for you?

I americium everlastingly grateful that I person ever been capable to bash the things I love. I ever told my kids the aforesaid thing. You indispensable aftermath up successful the greeting and proceed with passion. Somehow you volition fig retired however to marque a surviving from it. Passion is contagious.

Do you judge successful an afterlife, and if so, what does that look similar to you?

Yes, I do! I deliberation our spirits linger. Our assemblage is nary longer, but I judge our tone lives successful those we love.

What bash you hatred astir astir yourself?

That I person nary patience. I try, but it’s conscionable not successful my DNA.

What bash you emotion astir astir yourself?

Being first-generation American, from Austrian and Hungarian parents.

What is your implicit favourite meal?

Chicken and fries with achromatic wine!

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