What Matters to Jessica Katona

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Debbie Millman has an ongoing task astatine PRINT titled “What Matters.” This is an effort to recognize the interior beingness of artists, designers, and originative thinkers. This facet of the task is simply a petition of each invited responsive to reply 10 identical questions and taxable a nonprofessional photograph.

Jessica Katona is simply a Seattle-based Creative Director moving astatine Landscape. She leads teams designing identities, websites, environments, products, printed matter, and ocular contented for ambitious clients successful work of societal good.

What is the happening you similar doing astir successful the world?

I find large restitution successful creating thing with my ain 2 hands. It could beryllium a landscaping task successful my backyard oregon experimenting with a caller creator medium. There is joyousness successful getting mislaid successful the carnal enactment of making, and the tangible effect astatine the extremity of it. I besides emotion being outside, preferably connected a sunny day, wrong proximity of immoderate assemblage of water. And yet I find myself sitting successful beforehand of a machine astir days! Hmmm…

What is the archetypal representation you person of being creative?

Most of my aboriginal memories are of maine being creative. Name a trade and I was doing it— painting, sewing, collaging, sculpting, papermaking… the database goes on! My ma ended up having to dedicate a full country successful our location to the endless trade supplies I collected.

What is your biggest regret?

I’m a spot of an introvert and a spot of a perfectionist. When I was younger, determination were galore times erstwhile that translated to maine not trying definite things retired of fearfulness of failure, particularly successful beforehand of different people— whether it was playing a athletics oregon speaking a overseas language. I regret not diving successful and trying those caller things sooner. And that’s a learning that I inactive person to punctual myself of contiguous sometimes.

How person you gotten implicit heartbreak?

Talking to others. Having a good, agelong cry. Being successful nature.

What makes you cry?

Sometimes I vessel up my emotions, enactment connected a brave face, support trudging forward— and past it each comes to caput successful a infinitesimal of frustration, and each I tin bash is cry. It’s a merchandise valve.

How agelong does the pridefulness and joyousness of accomplishing thing past for you?

By the clip I’m completing 1 thing, I’m often already heavy into the adjacent thing. So usually the joyousness is fleeting! I should enactment connected that.

Do you judge successful an afterlife, and if so, what does that look similar to you?

Truthfully, I don’t cognize what happens aft we die. And astatine this moment, I’m good with not knowing. But I bash similar the thought that aft death, vigor is transformed into thing new.

What bash you hatred astir astir yourself?

I’ll reframe this arsenic the happening I’d similar to amended astir myself— and that’s spending little clip overthinking and worrying, and much clip enjoying and doing.

What bash you emotion astir astir yourself?

I similar to deliberation I’m a precise compassionate person. I effort to dainty each surviving things with kindness and openness.

What is your implicit favourite meal?

It’s excessively hard to prime conscionable 1 meal! I emotion to eat, and I emotion variety, but thing I could devour mundane is soup. Soup is truthful comforting. Any benignant of salty, spicy, tangy, brothy happening makes maine happy— ideally paired with thing crunchy for dunking.

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