Touvlo Offers Designers a Simultaneously Modern and Timeless Aesthetic

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Font foundry Monotype precocious released Touvlo, a caller typeface designed by the studio’s Creative Type Director, Emilios Theofanous. While the sans serif typeface is minimalistic, modern, and straightforward, the details are wildly imaginative, peculiarly successful the stems, loops, and brackets.

The sans serif typeface takes inspiration from aboriginal British grotesque typefaces, but the much modern mentation allows creators to plan with an effortlessly timeless style. There’s been a emergence successful neutral plan passim the past fewer years, and unadorned typefaces similar Touvlo assistance designers the accidental to make flexible systems that are comfortable, genderless, and highly approachable to a monolithic demographic.

While Touvlo feels neutral successful character, it has a full of 24 weights successful 3 styles crossed 3 adaptable fonts. This scope tin either assistance found a accordant property for elaborate typographic layouts, oregon adhd immoderate excitement to spontaneous plan systems.

Monotype today introduced Touvlo™, a radiant, modern mentation of a classical genre, skillfully capturing the tone of aboriginal British grotesque typefaces done playful terminals and lively curves. Designed by Emilios Theofanous, Monotype Studio’s Creative Type Director, Touvlo means ‘brick’ successful Theofanous’ autochthonal Greek connection and is an homage to his existent London location and the prominence of bricks successful his metropolis view. Suited for branding and publishing, Touvlo offers designers and creatives a caller prime for a timeless and unsocial aesthetic.  

Touvlo started with inspiration from humanities sources, but rapidly transformed into a idiosyncratic mentation of aboriginal grotesque designs from British foundries. Its origins tin beryllium recovered in “Specimens of Book and Jobbing Types; Borders, Initials, Ornaments, etc,” by The Fann Street Foundry, Sir Charles Reed and Sons, Ltd., London: 1905. The grotesque italic designs successful this publication travel a much calligraphic benignant than the slanted versions we expect to spot successful modern sans serif designs. This inspired Theofanous, who extended the aforesaid plan principles to the backslant styles of Touvlo. Theofanous took inspiration from the bonzer archive of the St Bride Library, diving into much benignant specimens from different British foundries and exploring their graphic cognition and chiseled qualities.  

While Touvlo is inspired by Theofanous’ research, it is not intended arsenic a humanities revival – alternatively Theofanous sees the typeface arsenic a modern and playful mentation of the aboriginal British grotesque style, and a lively speech with that era’s lasting legacy.  

“Grotesque sans serifs person been a staple successful printers’ toolboxes and designers’ font menus since their emergence,” says Theofanous. “In a sense, they defy clip and person been utilized wide crossed regions for decades. For brands looking for a unsocial tone, Touvlo’s styles connection character, dependable and vigor that tin execute crossed mediums and plan genres, and span applications successful modern publishing, packaging, fashion, tech, fintech and more.” 

With a full of 24 weights successful 3 styles crossed 3 adaptable fonts, Touvlo’s assortment tin execute successful agelong substance environments, display settings and tin withstand analyzable typographic layouts. Touvlo’s weights scope from bladed to black, giving it an expressive borderline for headlines. It offers an array of styles, from cleanable uprights to characterful italics and exuberant backslants. Its lyrical driblet caps are the finishing touch, featuring exquisite birds and creatures inspired from ornaments recovered successful benignant specimen books.    

“Touvlo encapsulates the memories of my journey, from my Cypriot practice to my beingness successful France earlier moving to London,” says Theofanous. “Designed to beryllium versatile and playful, it combines a assortment of past experiences and archive influences, capturing a classical genre. Touvlo enables creatives to grasp the essence and taste tone of this classical genre reimagined for modern use.”   

Play with Touvlo here and download a escaped value connected Monotype Fonts. 

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