The Link Up: The Design Show Emily Can’t Stop Watching (And Was Almost Cast In!), Jess’ Affordable Tools To Get Wavy Hair, And Our New Favorite “Healthy” Chips

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Happy Sunday y’all! Aren’t we just cruuuuuising through September. Aside from the Hendersons fully loving being in the farmhouse and things continuing to move along up there, there’s not too much to report. Well, we do have a very exciting EHD birthday tomorrow for our Mallory and we hope she has a wonderful day off:) Do any of you have any good news? Please share in the comments! Ok to the links…

design by lucy cunningham | photo by harry crowder | via house & garden

This week’s house tour is a stunning 17th-century stone farmhouse. Previously owned by another designer, there wasn’t too much that it needed outside of decor. Lucy Cummingham, the new designer, said “It was one of those houses you walk into and it feels like a warm hug.” Once you look at the photos you can easily see what she means. It’s really the perfect home to look at on a Sunday if we do say so ourselves:)

From Emily: Y’all. I can’t STOP watching Instant Dream Home. It was a show I “tested” for (meaning spent 8 hours with other hosts to find the right combination of chemistry and after much deliberation turned it down. It was meant to be a 24-hour renovation and as the design lead I honestly just didn’t want that type of craftmanship on my head (and it shot in Atlanta for 4 months. Meaning 4 months away from my family, during the pandemic). So when it came out recently I was like “WAIT THAT’S THE SHOW!!!” and I started watching it. It’s now a TWELVE HOUR RENOVATION and if you are wondering how the hell they are doing it, you’ll see. It’s meant to be an Oceans Eleven style with 5 different experts in different areas (design, landscape, etc), where someone deserving is “nominated” and then it’s a crash surprise makeover (I pitched the “Feel-Good Flash Makeover” show to Netflix six months prior to this, btw). Then they build and plan everything off-site (at their “headquarters”) and bring it in on cranes. It’s RIVETING. The design is pretty good, too! Watching it, all I can think of is how much production went into it and how unbelievably stressed I would have been if I had said yes. The families they cast are so deserving and even though you know that the paint isn’t dry and everything is likely a little janky (does the plumbing even work?), you do get a real sense that their lives will be changed for the better. I have a million issues with the shows (like what do they do with all their stuff???) but considering it sounded like a trainwreck to shoot (which I’m sure it still was) I am legit into it and impressed. Give it a go this weekend. Even my kids love it because it’s so action-packed and riveting to watch.

If you’ve been around here for a while then you likely remember Emily talking about an incredible organization called Miry’s List. They are a nonprofit organization supporting families resettling in the United States as refugees, providing the things that they need to get started in their new lives – from diapers to beds to cleaning supplies and toiletries. They just started their 2022 Bed Fund for Refugees campaign. 100% of proceeds purchase the most important household essentials for their newest families that are in the first 30 days with them. Their goal is $400K to support 300 more families. Want great news? They’ve confirmed the first $50,000 donated will be matched 1-for-1 by The Shapiro Foundation and Milana Vayntrub so your money can go twice as far. Miry and her team are doing such important work for families that have been through the most unthinkable situations. So if you are able, please consider donating.

From Ryann: I am actually sort of mad that I went to Trader Joes and decided to try out these Sour Cream & Onion Flavored Rings. I love to snack and my favorite food is chips so going to Trader Joes, in general, is dangerous for me. Anyway, I immediately got home, opened them up to try them, and the bag was gone in less than a day. They are so good, you guys. It helps that my favorite chip flavor is sour cream & onion but I think anyone who is trying to cut down on regular potato chips (these are made from red lentils and rice meal) will enjoy this snack. My only complaint is they need to sell them in a bigger bag.

LOOK AT THESE PIECES! THOSE FABRIC COMBOS! What a stunning collab with two brands EHD are big ole fans of – Reath Design and Kalon. If you have the budget, please buy these!!

From Mallory: I recently just found my winky lux lip balm and forgot how obsessed I am with it!! It’s totally clear lipstick but when you put it on it changes the ph balance in your lips making them a more saturated version of your natural color. It’s so cool and I love wearing it!!

From Jess: If you want a WILDLY easy snack/treat recipe check out these date balls. I made them at the beginning of the pandemic and forgot how insanely delicious they are. Softly sweet, with a hint of salt and somehow taste like they are made with butter. They are also oddly filling. I can’t recommend them enough.

Also From Jess: In an attempt to enhance my kinda wavy hair I finally bought this diffuser attachment for my hair dryer. I did a light google search and the consensus was that this was a great one. Then when I went to purchase it for $23 it had 4.5 stars with over 11k reviews. I was pumped. Now I’ve only used it twice but I’m happy with the results! I want to continue to play with different curl mousses (I have fine hair so I can’t use “heavy” products if I want a semi-decent wave/curl). I bought this one because the reviews were good and it was under $10. The waves are happening! But I think I used a little too much product so there’s a chance I’ll be even happier with the results. BUT has anyone tried this mousse from Oribe? I love the brand but it’s pricey so I want to feel more confident that it’s worth it. Let me know!

Have a great rest of your weekend and see y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Lucy Cunningham | Photo by Harry Crowder | via House & Garden

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