The Leica SL2s has Perspective Control Now

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Our Leica SL2s reappraisal has received an update astir the caller position power feature, and we promote you to cheque it out. In what seems similar a rarity, the Leica SL2s has had 3 firmware updates this year. That’s fascinating arsenic it seemed similar we lone had 1 a twelvemonth previously. These updates marque an already precise bully camera adjacent better. And if you’re a moving photojournalist focusing connected photographing people, past this is simply a earnestly astonishing camera. The durability, colors, representation quality, and easiness of usage are dissimilar thing coming from Japanese manufacturers.

Here’s the pertinent conception from our Leica SL2s review. If you’re funny successful purchasing it, we powerfully urge you bash truthful via Adorama. We’ll person affiliate commissions astatine nary other outgo to you. And for the record, this is 1 of the cameras I usage the astir partially due to the fact that of however unsocial the representation prime is.

September 2022 Update: A caller firmware update came to the Leica SL2s, which is honestly a spot of a rarity successful immoderate ways. This twelvemonth alone, we’ve seen 3 firmware updates to the camera. The archetypal improved autofocus and did a fewer different things. The 2nd corrected a occupation created by that firmware update. And now, we’ve got different 1 with much features being added to the SL2s.

According to Leica’s website, present are the details from this caller firmware update.

-NEW: Perspective control


  • NEW: The incremental worth for a nonstop mounting of the ISO worth tin present beryllium selected via the mounting wheels
    (1EV, 1⁄2EV, 1⁄3EV, oregon 1⁄6EV)


  • NEW: The lens illustration paper has been supplemented with further focal magnitude settings
  • NEW: The dropdown database for FN fastener assignments is present customizable and has been extended
  • DETAILED: Supported lenses
  • IMPROVED: In immoderate cases, the lens Exif accusation is missing for third-party lens adapters
  • CORRECTED: In immoderate uncommon cases, the functions Pair and Delete were nary longer disposable successful the Leica FOTOS menu, erstwhile the transportation was disabled
  • CORRECTED: Some insignificant issues with the recently introduced relation Toggle Focus Point person been remedied. The absorption positions are present saved correctly.

Of course, lens profiles are lone applied to adapted lenses. So there’s not overmuch to sermon there. What’s much fascinating though is the caller position power feature. This was antecedently fixed to the Leica SL2, and erstwhile combined with the representation overlay diagnostic it could beryllium amusive for architecture photographers.

Perspective power works by playing an overlay of lines connected the Leica SL2s screen. It’s similar an precocious level that looks astatine the lens output and past tries to hole distortion of immoderate benignant in-camera. Like immoderate technology, it lone does what it thinks you privation and what Leica’s programmers person told it to do. It’s not a benignant of AI with instrumentality learning that tin deliberation for itself. So, sometimes it’s fantastic, and different times it’s wonky.

I utilized this with the Leica 28mm f2 Summicron SL lens and it worked arsenic I’d expect it bash fixed assorted angles and such. It worked arsenic I expected with Panasonic’s 50mm f1.8 and 85mm f1.8 lenses. Those are longer focal lengths, truthful I person to expect that they’ll enactment beauteous flawlessly.

Where it gets fascinating and amusive is with the Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 Art lens. When you zoom successful and out, you wholly spot however the position power changes. And that’s beauteous cool! It’s besides evident this 1 zoom lens isn’t arsenic bully arsenic the much affordable primes contempt it being an Art lens. If that’s a loaded connection for you, see what Nikon, Canon, and Sony are doing with their 24-70mm f2.8 lenses. Sigma is much affordable but comes astatine the sacrifice of autofocus velocity and a spot of representation quality. Leica’s variant of this lens incorporates faster autofocus motors.

If that wasn’t enough, it besides showed however the position power worked to close output from the Sigma 45mm f2.8 Contemporary. In our notes, and adjacent successful web searches, Sigma didn’t accidental this lens volition person “art level” representation quality, though. So we tin fto that assertion spell a bit.

Perspective power applies to the JPEGs. But the playback image, adjacent if you’re shooting lone RAW, volition render arsenic the perspective-adjusted photo. I’d besides similar an enactment to use the power to my RAW photograph arsenic it would truly assistance with speeding up editing. However, that’s not yet available.

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