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Patrick Mitchell, who runs Modus Operandi Design workplace successful Rockport, ME, is simply a highly accomplished mag designer/art manager (think Fast Company and Inc. Magazine, among others) and podcaster (Print is Dead). Milton Academy is simply a coed, autarkic preparatory, boarding and time schoolhouse successful Milton, MA. Mitchell and Milton person merged, astatine slightest successful 1 respect, to nutrient Milton magazine, which was conscionable awarded the 2022 Sibley Magazine of the Year Award. I admit to being amazed that a school’s quarterly was held successful specified esteem for its editorial and design, truthful I asked Mitchell to speech astir the project.

Milton makes maine presume 1 happening but, successful fact, it is another. Who is the steadfast of Milton?
It’s published by Milton Academy’s comms department.

Why is simply a precocious schoolhouse putting truthful overmuch of its resources into a people periodical?
I’m a small mystified, too, though we are precise businesslike with our genuinely constricted budget. Its superior purposes are recruiting, alumni engagement (i.e., fiscal support)—and their enactment of our enactment does suggest that the mag gives them immoderate one-upmanship implicit rival schools recruiting the aforesaid genius kids.

What is your favourite portion of doing Milton?
Traditional publishing has gotten truthful depressing—the mediocre insubstantial quality, super-thin issues, reduced frequency, combined with a existent deficiency of imagination. These alumni magazines are small, infrequent, and person an intentionally constricted circulation, but they care—really care—about quality. They’re putting themselves retired determination and, successful the lawsuit of Milton, investing successful this work is simply a existent competitory advantage. All of that allows maine to bash bully enactment and to prosecute precise talented photographers and illustrators, who besides don’t get astir the measurement of mag enactment they utilized to. We each win.

I presume that your unit is small, but the prime of everything—from illustrations to the layouts—is impeccable. What determined your plan style?
My unit is fundamentally me. I’ve occasionally been capable to bring connected assistance erstwhile I get precise busy, but mostly I enactment alone. I person bully relationships with contributors, and the enactment we nutrient helps america proceed to marque caller relationships with photographers and illustrators. The plan benignant is usually simple—there’s nary constituent successful over-designing, but it ever comes backmost to thing the large Fred Woodward told maine erstwhile I was conscionable starting out: “I conscionable prosecute large artists and effort not to fto what I bash marque them look bad.” It was thing similar that.

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