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One mode to get the connection (and picture) retired to the nationalist is to self-publish a book—which Jonathan Twingley has done with Words & Pictures (Volume One). Twingley is simply a ocular essayist who keeps sketchbooks filled with galore delights. His benignant is representational caricature. His method is to enactment the beingness that helium sees earlier him into a framework filled with details galore. It is the relation of the viewer-reader to observe the Easter eggs hidden among the weeds of cross-hatched, splattered lines and dots. In summation to his ocular essays, Twingley includes a conception called “Isolation” (done successful 2020—and you cognize what that means). Twingley says: “The drawings are brushed of self-portraits, but not really.”

Whatever they are, this anthology of sketchbooks is simply a pleasance to walk clip admiring, successful isolation oregon with others.

What inspired Words & Pictures (Volume One)?
As the archetypal hardcover offering from WORDS & PICTURES PRESS, I wanted to enactment thing unneurotic that was a spot broader successful scope than the erstwhile catalog collections I’d been offering, and I wanted to archer a idiosyncratic story. Ironically, 2020/21 was the lone twelvemonth since 2007 that I wasn’t successful astatine slightest 1 creation schoolhouse classroom. That, and the much oregon little cosmopolitan isolation that 2020 inspired, seemed similar a bully spot to commencement telling a idiosyncratic story.

The themes you’ve chosen look loosely connected. Do you person peculiar focuses? A constituent of view?
Earlier this twelvemonth I began curating a bid of societal media posts from 2020—chronologically—which evolved into Words & Pictures (Volume One). I surely don’t representation retired my societal media beingness up of time, but I bash wage attraction to what I shared yesterday and see what I mightiness stock tomorrow, arsenic a mode of telling immoderate benignant of evolving story. The communicative that grew from this curation was precise overmuch timely, documenting my idiosyncratic vantage constituent from the Heights vicinity of Jersey City, conscionable crossed the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan, arsenic our corporate COVID-19 planetary pandemic isolation unfolded. But besides interspersed are ruminations connected paths my creation and beingness person taken implicit caller years—commissioned mag and paper assignments, evolutions and philosophies connected benignant and process and moving habits and interactions with assemblage students. The chronological societal media posts that marque up the publication are similar a bid of micro-essays oregon diary entries, telling the communicative of my pandemic twelvemonth but besides waxing nostalgic, too, with each of that clip spent by ourselves.

These look to beryllium ongoing and infinite. What is your originative goal?
“Ongoing and infinite” would beryllium 1 mode to picture societal media. “Insatiable and bottomless and shallow arsenic a wading excavation each astatine the aforesaid time” would beryllium different mode to picture it. One happening that the pandemic and ensuing closure of colleges and universities made precise wide to me: Human beings thrive connected carnal quality interaction. It’s close up determination with nutrient and structure arsenic a basal necessity for life. Zoom and Canvas and Google Classroom were each large stopgaps during a pugnacious time, but it wasn’t the benignant of oxygen that sustains america for the agelong haul. People person been suggesting for astatine slightest 30 years that people is dying oregon has already died but I’ve ne'er bought that, and successful a unusual mode the thrill I saw successful students’ eyes (that’s astir each I could spot of their faces) arsenic we returned to field successful the autumn of 2021 is the aforesaid benignant of thrill we get erstwhile leafing done the pages of a hardcover book, close determination successful our lap—the existent thing.

As a objection of the vitality of people and our precise basal request for tangible quality interaction, a speedy communicative from Words & Pictures (Volume One): “In June 2020 I had 4 postcards printed featuring spreads from the ISOLATION catalog collection. On June 18 I posted a video to my societal media accounts offering to nonstop 1 of the postcards to anybody who shared their carnal mailing code with me. For free. No strings attached. I sent ISOLATION postcards to astir each of the 50 U.S. states arsenic good arsenic Canada, England, Israel, Australia, Germany, Scotland, France, Brazil, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, New Zealand, Estonia, Latvia, Vietnam, Thailand and Wheeling, WV (!). It was a elemental workout successful quality enactment during a clip erstwhile astir of the satellite was feeling peculiarly each alone.”

What bash you privation to spot arsenic an extremity result?
I’ve often joked that erstwhile I near postgraduate schoolhouse successful the precocious ’90s, not lone did I not person a Plan B, I didn’t truly person a Plan A, either. But I was determined to marque drawings and paintings and archer stories. That was non-negotiable. All the remainder of it—the “end results”—are inactive precise overmuch to beryllium determined …

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