Sigma complete their Classic cine lens line-up with the FF 65mm T2.5

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Most of us are familiar with the name Sigma. Their photographic and video line lenses have become synonymous with affordable yet high-quality optics. But you may be less familiar with their Classic Prime line of lenses. DIYP talk to Sigma’s Jan-Willem Verschuuren to find out more.

In fact, Sigma has just launched the FF 65mm T2.5 cinema lens as part of the Classic Art Prime line lens range and the FF 65mm T1.5 Classic Prime Line. Jan-Willem explains that there has been a lot of demand for the 65mm lens because there was a large gap between the 50mm and the 85mm that were available previously. Finally, the set is complete.

The Classic ‘Art’ Prime Line is subtly different from the ‘Classic’ lineup of Sigma cine lenses. The main difference is in the lens coating. A special coating is implemented on the front and rear elements so that the lens’ durability is ensured. It offers a unique combination of low contrast and artistic flare/ghost in the image.

Generally speaking, the ‘Art’ line will create a slightly warmer image than the ‘Classic’. In other words, you can choose between a clean corporate look and a more nostalgic look.

The Art lenses are T2.5 whereas the Classic lenses are T1.5. The lenses are identical optically, it’s just the coating on the Art series that changes the amount of light that is getting through. It’s a curious difference, however, you still achieve the same depth of field with both lenses.

Additionally, you can now purchase the lenses separately rather than having to stump up 40-odd grand for the whole set, something that made you limited to renting them previously. That surely then is great news, particularly for those people who want to add the 65mm to their existing line-up and don’t want to buy all of them.


The new FF 65mm lens is expected in February 2023 and will cost around the $4,500 mark, although the actual price hasn’t been fully confirmed yet.


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