Radiant Imaging Labs creates first photo editing software with 'intelligent scene detection'

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Professional photographer and educator Elia Locardi has travelled the world to capture images and teach his editing methods to photographers for the past 15 years. Though you have a lot of flexibility with Raw images that come out of the camera, the process of editing them with the develop panel of any given post-processing software can be a tedious process.

This pain point inspired the creation of Radiant Photo. In Locardi's own words, it is 'the first photo editing software that uses intelligent scene detection. It makes pixel-by-pixel adjustments to optimize the exposure and contrast of each photo while preserving a true-to-life color rendition that perfectly matches what we see with our eyes.'

A screenshot of the editing done in the Quick Edit mode.

When it comes to editing Raw files everything starts in the develop panel. His personal frustration stemmed from how many adjustments were needed with Shadows, Exposure, Highlights and so on when it came to editing images. It took years for him and a team to develop a solution. With automatic optimization, Locardi guarantees 'perfectly-balanced 16-bit corrections.'

Locardi also understands that photography aesthetics differ and taste is subjective. While Radiant Photo uses AI to 'match what we see with our eyes,' either with the 'Radiant Pro' or 'Radiant Subtle' presets, there is also a 'My Smart Presets' setting that allows you to make your own desired photo adjustments and save them for future use.

Radiant claims it's the first photo editing software to optimize images before LUTs are applied.

Radiant Photo can also serve as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom editing software. This means you can batch process hundreds of images with either one, or with Radiant alone, and customize the naming scheme so they can be organized and saved in an orderly manner. This is especially useful for people who create hyperlapses or timelapses.

Accuracy with skin tones is another pain point Radiant Photo says it addresses with 'Smart Editing.' Locardi says the software is the first ever to correct and optimize each pixel's color, contrast and exposure before applying a LUT (a Lookup Table used for color grading).

Caption (from Elia): I saved my favorite settings for Landscape – Night. Every time a night photo is detected, it uses my custom settings. Click to enlarge.

Radiant Photo is available for pre-order now, at $129.99, and includes a 6-month protection plan with free updates. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also available for those not satisfied. The full blog post about this software can be found on the company's blog.

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