Plato poufs by Yasemin Toygar

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Plato poufs by Yasemin Toygar

Dezeen Showroom: London-based furniture brand Yasemin Toygar has launched its debut collection at London Design Festival, presenting a series of three sculptural poufs called Plato.

The Plato poufs are distinguished by their brass bases, which feature various types of marble and onyx carved into different geometric shapes.

Plato pouf No.1 by Yasemin ToygarThe Plato pouf No.1 has a circular white boucle-upholstered seat

"Inspired by the geometric still life, Plato explores and defies the boundaries of sensory experience of furniture through its evocative forms and colours," said brand founder and designer Yasemin Toygar.

The poufs feature soft upholstered seats, and come in three different colour and shape variations — the circular white boucle-upholstered No.1, the square blue velvet No.2 and the caramel-coloured capsule-like pouf No.3.

Plato pouf No.2 by Yasemin ToygarThe poufs have marble and onyx pieces embedded in their brass frames

Through her use of shape and materials, Toygar said she sought to achieve a "harmony of contrasts", reflecting softness and rigidity, lightness and heaviness, and concreteness and abstraction.

The Plato poufs are handcrafted in an atelier in Istanbul. They are made to order, with different marble combinations available on request.

Product: Plato
Designer: Yasemin Toygar
Brand: Yasemin Toygar
Contact: [email protected]

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