OWC stings large data storage problems into submission with the Jellyfish system

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Large productions using several cameras shooting 8K means that there will be a lot of data to both store and somehow get from the cameras to the rest of the creative team working on post-production. Add to this infrastructure problems and teams often being situated around the world and you’ve got some quite complicated problems to solve.

Luckily, OWC specialises in solving these exact issues. DIYP spoke to Sam Mestman from OWC to find out more about larger storage options for productions and teams.

“Once you graduate to two or three people you’re looking at a jellyfish,” Sam says. By Jellyfish, he is referring to the name of OWC’s recently released large storage and data sharing ecosystem. He most definitely isn’t talking about stinging sea creatures!

The Jellyfish ecosystem is set up for use with pretty much any system from Mac, Windows, and Linux. It’s also optimised for whichever editing platform you’re using. Even if your team is using a different platform it will still function flawlessly. The system supports Premiere Pro, Da Vinci Resolve and  Final Cut Pro.

It also works seamlessly with teams working on VFX and audio. Put simply, the Jellyfish is for creative teams who need to turn out high-quality content in 4K, 8K, or 12K. It’s designed for all stages of video production so that professionals and creative teams can work without the need for a separate IT team.

The Jellyfish comes in three different sizes to fit any production needs. The Mobile is the smallest which offers 32TB to 100TB of data. At the top end, you have the monster sized R24 which goes up to multiple Petabytes. The system can also be accessed remotely so teams can be based across the world and still be able to sync and access the data. “It’s like having your own private cloud,” says Sam.


Clearly, whatever your data requirements and needs, OWC have you covered.

The Jellyfish ecosystem starts at $9,995 for Mobile and runs up to $30,995 for the R24.


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