Now you can buy Godox’s retro flash unit in a whole rainbow of colour options

3 weeks ago 14

Back in July Godox introduced its retro line of flash units. You could choose between throwbacks from the 1980s with the Lux Junior or the 1960s with the Lux Senior. Now, they have launched the Lux senior in a spectrum of colour options, for those that just didn’t think the original black unit was enough of a conversation starter.

The updated flash units are now available in beautiful colour options, from Forest Green to Velvet Red. You can also choose Rose Pink, Classic Black or Cloud White. My personal favourite, however, is the Mint Blue. For some reason, I’d always thought mint was a variation of green, but I guess I could have been wrong all my life.

“Why be low-profile when you can be so special?” asks Godox. Indeed, these updates to the flash are undoubtedly going to provoke more conversation than even the original ‘out there’ flash unit would do in black.

Other than the colour and the slightly crazy retro design of the metal dish, this is a pretty basic on-camera flash unit. It has a basic auto mode and of course, manual mode. But it doesn’t have HHS or TTL. Really, it’s a bit of a showboat, and not much else.

Clearly, I am just not hipster enough to appreciate the beauty of these. If you are, they are available to preorder for $139. That’s an extra $20 over the basic black version. I guess that just makes you feel extra special!

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