noa* defies gravity in the dolomites with its inverted ‘hub of huts’ spa

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heaven and hell: an inverted architecture by noa*

In a daring extension of its Hotel Hubertus in South Tyrol, Noa* (Network of Architecture) presents this cantilevering Hub of Huts wellness center. Known also as a work of ‘Heaven and Hell’ for its mirrored design, the extension shows a platform projecting outward over a cliffside to host a cluster of small ‘huts’ and their upside-down counterparts.

The gravity-defying intervention adds to the Italian hotel, built by Noa* in 2016 (see designboom’s coverage here), and reflects the boldly cantilevering pool which seems to disappear into the vast landscape.

noa hub hutsimages courtesy Hotel Hubertus

hotel hubertus is ‘turning wellness upside-down’

A cluster of tiny retreats, the Hub of Huts by Noa* recalls the atmosphere of a tiny Italian village, suspended in the skies over the Dolomite landscapes. The refuge offers guests of the Hotel Hubertus a dual spa experience, playing on its Heaven and Hell nickname — the architects design the upper level to host lie-down or seated whirlpools and restful, sublit areas facing sweeping views. Alternatively, a stairway leads to ‘Hell’ on the lower level. This nude area houses two saunas, a nude whirlpool, and an ice room.

noa hub huts

the hub of huts’ challenging structure

The Hub of Huts’ relationship with water further drove its design, as the architecture by Noa* suggests a village reflected on a mirror lake, the central platform acting as a horizon. In this way, the work marks a continuation of the symbol of Hotel Hubertus, which is its floating swimming pool, already an impressive engineering feat. Taking this concept to the extreme, the structure is built with a steel platform cantilevering outward from a set of massive columns. 

noa hub huts
the Hub of Huts alongside the cantilevering swimming pool noa* defies gravity in the dolomites with its inverted 'hub of huts' spathe wellness center appears to float among the Dolomite range

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