Live Edge furniture collection by Beomsuk Ko for Kobeomsuk Furniture

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Dezeen Showroom: founder of South Korean furniture brand Kobeomsuk Furniture Beomsuk Ko has designed a collection of storage furniture named Live Edge that celebrates the natural grain of wood.

The collection includes a walnut TV stand, a glass cabinet and a freestanding shelving unit.

Live Edge cabinet by Live Edge TV stand by Kobeomsuk FurnitureThe Live Edge collection of furniture is informed by traditional Korean furniture

"The wood itself was so beautiful, I thought about how to put this beauty into the furniture as it is, and I came up with the design," said Ko.

"Kobeomsuk Furniture pursues a bold design that is natural, not artificial, with a sense of Korean aesthetics."

Liive Edge shelving unit by Live Edge TV stand by Kobeomsuk FurnitureThe series of furniture includes a TV stand, shelving unit and cabinet

The Live Edge TV stand has a minimalist silhouette and front panels that showcase the natural grain of walnut wood.

"When the horizontally flowing wood is cut horizontally and arranged by changing the top and bottom positions, it gives the feeling of looking at the flowing river from the sky," said Ko.

Close up of the Live Edge TV stand by Live Edge TV stand by Kobeomsuk FurnitureThe collection showcases the natural grain of walnut wood

The collection's glass cabinet has a frame made from walnut, while the internal drawers are made from sapwood and heartwood.

Informed by the composition of traditional Korean furniture, the shelving unit features open glass shelves and two drawers that bare the distinctive Live Edge wooden front.

Product: Live Edge furniture collection
Designer: Ko Beomsuk
Brand: Kobeomsuk Furniture
Contact: [email protected]

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