in celebration of the moon festival, spherical lanterns illuminate a soccer field in hong kong

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illuminated INSTALLATION CELEBRATES ancient moon festival 

Hong Kongbased architecture studio, Ida & Billy Architects, illuminates a soccer field in Victoria Park with spherical weaved lanterns to illustrate the ancient folk story of the moon festival for the celebration of the 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival. Titled ‘Moon Story’, the installation project, produced by Haitian craftsmen, is a 3D theatrical space composed of three lit triangular geodesic spheres with indented shapes of iconic characters of hopping rabbits and a full moon. Welded structured triangulation ties together the moon, the rabbit, and the hill with texture and shadows, triggering the curiosity, imagination, and exploration of humans since ancient times.

moon story 2
triangulation shape the rabbit indent within the sphere

all images courtesy of Ida & Billy Architects

carved geodesic structures narrate the story of the moon

Each piece is designed to represent a painting by the designers at Ida & Billy Architects. Two of the three spheres are carved into rabbits that look like they are hopping, and the third has a hill shaped indent with a smaller sphere floating inside to depict the scene of the moon sitting on the hill. Geodesic structures are welded together and linked to a program-controlled lighting system to create 3D shapes of the carved subjects to represent the rabbit’s integration into the moon’s shape. As a result, the open installation area invites the visitors to immerse themselves in an imaginary interactive learning experience about the cultural significance of the moon festival. 

moon story 1
‘moon story’ installation set on a soccer field at night

moon story 8
different colored lights installed within the sphere

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