Importing Food Culture with Amy Zitelman of Soom Foods

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Although not peculiarly caller to the US market, tahini has historically been recovered gathering particulate astatine the bottommost of the support successful the planetary foods aisle alternatively of being celebrated successful the room for its versatility. 

Today we are joined by Amy Zitelman, CEO and Co-Founder of Soom Foods, to speech astir the assorted culinary uses of tahini, wherefore she and her sisters started importing it, and the sustainable, regenerative qualities of the sesame harvest and proviso chain. 

Tune successful to perceive from this inspiring entrepreneur who refused to let the deficiency of grounds for a thriving tahini marketplace successful the US to deter her!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The relation of user acquisition erstwhile introducing products to a caller market.
  • Why Soom Foods founders, Amy Zitelman and her sisters chose to import tahini into the US.
  • The emergence of tahini successful the nationalist consciousness and its culinary versatility.
  • What differentiates Soom from different tahini brands successful the US.
  • The value of prime invariability successful the US market.
  • The pros and cons of prioritizing merchandise simplicity.
  • Soom Foods’ omnichannel income approach.
  • The sustainable and regenerative qualities of the sesame harvest and proviso chain.
  • The advantages of regenerative agriculture.
  • How Amy and her sisters negociate the matrimony of household and business.
  • How the household dynamic permeates Soom’s institution culture.
  • Why ignorance is bliss erstwhile it comes to starting a business.
  • The good equilibrium betwixt trusting your intuition and calling connected others’ perspectives.
  • The worth of feedback.
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