First Vinyl Made From Bioplastics Is Changing The Tune On Physical Media Waste

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Image via EarthPercent

Music is perhaps one of the wonders that brings harmony to the world. But just how harmonious could it be if music were also to its detriment?

Evolution Music is changing the tune of vinyl production with a sustainable and eco-friendly process for record-making.

Its 12-inch vinyl gets rid of the traditional PVC, and instead adopts a bioplastic make-up.

Standard record pressing machinery was used in order to create this eco-friendly LP. The result is a vinyl that looks and acts exactly like the albums we are familiar with, except this one isn’t so harmful for the environment.

Image via EarthPercent

It took four years for the team to find the perfect base polymer to make the album, allowing it to act and sound just like a traditional vinyl. They then finalized the product with bio-organic fillers and a bio masterbatch.

Evolution Music has partnered with EarthPercent to create a special iteration of the record for its Bandcamp project. The result is a black LP with green artwork, with its A-side featuring tracks by R.E.M’s Michael Stipe, and its B-side singing to the croonings of Beatie Wolfe.

Cave Productions director Rob Cass said to CBS that when he tested the vinyl out, its sound rivaled that of a traditional record.

CEO Marc Carey told Dezeen that the green-record was a solution to physical media. Also, if it is ever thrown away, the record is compostable.

Since its release, 500 copies have been sold, with all proceeds going to EarthPercent, an organization where musicians can pledge a portion of their earnings to charities dedicated to fighting against climate change.

[via Dezeen and CBS, cover image via EarthPercent]

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