Enhance your portrait editing at the FREE Lightroom Virtual Summit

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Looking to expand your Lightroom knowledge? The Lightroom Virtual Summit has everything you need to enhance your skillset. This online-only education event will feature 45 classes, offering over 33 hours of training absolutely free!

The five-day event, running October 3-7, 2022, features several courses aimed at portrait editing. Here’s some of our favorites that we’re looking forward to.

Making Your Portraits Pop, with Chris Orwig

In this session you will learn how to make your portraits really come to light by using controls and settings that will give your images a professional and “finished” look. We will talk about topics like exposure, color, sharpening and more!

Retouching Hundreds of Images FAST, with Jared Platt

Lightroom Classic has always been the gold standard for efficient editing of images. Anything Lightroom does, it does quickly. This is why professional portrait and wedding photographers prefer it to any other program. And now, with the advent of artificial intelligence-assisted editing, Lightroom Classic just got a lot more powerful, and a lot faster!

Jared Platt will take you through the steps of adjusting, editing, and retouching images in bulk with the assistance of Adobe Sensei. You will learn how to work on large numbers of images at the same time and make short work of your portrait sessions. Including, creating extremely complex masks for hundreds of images at once. Join Jared and make very time-consuming work a thing of the past.

Making the Most of Portrait Photography with Smartphones and Lightroom Mobile, with Lisa Carney

Learn to shoot professional-grade portraits. On the go. With the camera you always have with you. Then edit immediately with the darkroom in your hand.

Learn the unique skills needed to capture portraits with your phone. Then add the secret sauce: Quick, powerful image edits. And one more thing: Add lighting systems to your mobile workflow.

You’ll finish this class with a whole new arsenal of weapons designed to take your mobile portraiture game to a whole ‘nother level.

Retouching Portraits in Lightroom, with Kristina Sherk (Parts 1 + 2)

In part 1, Kristina talks about Select Subject and how you can use it to make different edits to the subject than the background. And integrating those commands with advanced masking using a hybrid of tools.

In part 2, Kristina expands on the brush tool and using it to do advanced intricate retouching on portraits. Changing eye color, dodge and burn, smoothing shin, blemish removal.

Creating Strong Commercial & Lifestyle Portraits, with Chris Orwig

In this session, we will go through a real commercial photo shoot edit. Here you will learn about workflow, creative editing, output and more. If you want to learn how the pros make their images look so good, you’ll really enjoy this session!

Tethering with Lightroom for Commercial and Retail, with Jared Platt

Tethering in Lightroom will place serious power in your hands as a commercial or retail portrait photographer. Join Jared Platt as he teaches you the very best practices for tethered shooting in Lightroom. You will learn how to set up your tethering system for flawless tethering (via USB or wireless), and how to use the power of Lightroom Classic during your photoshoots. You will even learn how to interact and share with remote clients during your photoshoot.

And this is not just for commercial photographers. Jared will show you how he uses tethered shooting in Lightroom Classic at events for incredible photo booth experiences that are off the charts cool with images delivered instantly to the client.

Whether or not you have ever used or even thought about using the tethered capture feature in Lightroom, you will not want to miss this class. You will learn so much more than mere tethering. Jared will open your eyes to brand new possibilities that will not only make your life easier but will wow your clients and make you money!

Experience over 33 hours of content at the Lightroom Virtual Summit!

From October 3-7, 2022, you can join 15 of the world’s top Lightroom instructors as they share their knowledge — all for free! The Lightroom Virtual Summit 2022 will feature 45 classes on topics such as selective adjustments, portrait retouching, AI masking, organization and much more!

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