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When it comes to the biology outgo of our profession, it’s casual to get mislaid successful doom and gloom. But it doesn’t person to beryllium that way, and this year, Dieline Conference is changing the speech by focusing connected the sheer powerfulness we person to alteration the future, and the originative anticipation that comes with it.

While sustainability feels particularly captious to the satellite of brands and packaging astatine the moment, it’s been captious to Dieline for years. We, the makers, tin genuinely alteration the world— if we person a roadmap to follow— and that’s precisely what Dieline Conference volition supply astatine this year’s hybrid lawsuit connected October 20.

Dieline laminitis and CEO Andrew Gibbs and his squad person brought unneurotic a cutting-edge radical of speakers to constituent the mode forward:

  • Brandi Parker, Head of Sustainability astatine Pearlfisher
  • Katie Levy and Mike McVicar, Co-Founders/Creative Directors of Gander, who worth “Purpose Over Perfection.”

This year, Dieline Conference is besides portion of New York Advertising Week, a four-day solemnisation of the confluence of culture, commerce, and creativity. A Dieline delegate walk grants you exclusive entree to the full event, including networking blessed hours, lounge access, and more.

But hurry, due to the fact that in-person passes to this high-level lawsuit are constricted to 125, and erstwhile they’re sold out, they’re sold out. Don’t miss retired connected the packaging lawsuit of the year, which tin wholly revolutionize your career. Register today!

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