Design Army Redefines Luxury

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Forget NYC Fashion Week: DC conscionable deed the benignant spotlight with Design Army’s caller CityCenterDC campaign, redefining luxury and repositioning our nation’s superior arsenic the creative/fashion-forward metropolis it really is, successful the astir fun, whimsical mode ever! The wildly witty spot for the city’s biggest shopping and eating territory celebrates self-expression to the eventual with a crazy, quirky bid travel afloat of eclectic characters of each age and benignant sense, each connected the accelerated way to a spot wherever creativity is applauded. Backdropped by DC’s majestic landmarks, the meticulously creation directed, anything-but-typical campaign explodes with eye-popping colour and unexpected references, similar 1940s jazz music, a twist of hip-hop, over-the-top forks, amusement horses, and more.

Even the customized typography has property each its own. Seriously, it’s the champion amusement of however benignant is genuinely ageless. What’s much luxurious than that?

Branded Photography

Design Army oversaw each facet of production, creating the astir fierce and colorful satellite with archetypal concepts, creation direction, styling, acceptable design, and props.

Social Media Campaign

Video and Video Stills for “Celebrating You”

A down the scenes connected however the magic is done

CLIENT: CityCenterDC | Hines
General Manager: Timothy R. Lowery
Director of Marketing & Public Relations: Melissa Hudak King
Social Media & Events Coordinator: Daniela Rambal Pinero
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer: Pum Lefebure
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer: Jake Lefebure
Creative Director: Heloise Condroyer
Creative Director: Sucha Becky
Creative Director: Mariela Hsu
Designer: Tony Kim
Copywriter: Mark Welsh
Animator: Jason Chae

VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY: Dean Alexander Productions
Director and Photographer: Dean Alexander
1st Assistant Director: Erin Winebrenner
Director of Photography: Andrew Strobridge
Camera Operator: Daniel St. Ours
Production Superviso: Timmi Wolff
Assistant Production Supervisor: Nancy Swenton
Photographer: Dean Alexander
Editor: David Grossbach
Sound Design: Simon Lister, Squeak E. Clean Studios
Colorgrade: Parker Jarvie, Company 3
Retoucher: Supervision
Social Media Photographer: Seth Stenske

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