Brad Pitt Unveils Self-Created Sculptures At Surprise Art Debut In Finland

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Think of Brad Pitt, and many things come to mind—his handsome face, award-winning acting chops, and philanthropic endeavors. 

Most wouldn’t know, however, that the multi-talented megastar is now an artist, recently debuting his sculptures for the first time at the Sara Hildén Art Museum in Tampere, Finland. 

The A-list actor is exhibiting nine works for the showcase We, alongside pieces by musician Nick Cave and artist Thomas Houseago.

— Brad Pitt (@BradPittPlanB) September 18, 2022

Among the sculptures is a coffin-shaped bronze box with what appear to be human faces, hands, and feet attempting to escape, and a large plaster wall-hanging portraying a rowdy gunfight among eight individuals, reminiscent of Reservoir Dogs

It seems Pitt began his hobby as a ceramist following his public divorce in 2017, telling AFP at the event that his art was “about self-reflection,” and how he had “gotten it wrong” or “misstepped” in his personal relationships. 

The ongoing exhibition will run till January 15, 2023 at the Sara Hildén Art Museum

Brad Pitt’s sculpture, which looks like a dilapidated house, is on display in Tampere House-A-Go-Go (2017), which he assembled from scraps he found on the floor of Houseago’s study. In a work reminiscent of an ancient bas-relief, Pitt has depicted a shooting scene with the help

— Brad Pitt (@BradPittPlanB) September 18, 2022

Brad Pitt created his series Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound to the House by shooting bullets into silicone pieces. The same theme is repeated in the silicone houses, which Pitt has shot with guns of different calibers. The bullets have drilled eerily beautiful patterns.

— Brad Pitt (@BradPittPlanB) September 18, 2022

Thomas Houseago – WE with Nick Cave & Brad Pitt Exhibition opens interesting cultural autumn in Tampere Finland.

— Brad Pitt (@BradPittPlanB) September 18, 2022

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