Are These the Most Absurd Photography Purchases You’ve Ever Seen?

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Photography might well be the most gear-intensive pastime on the planet, which means that while there is some incredible gear available for purchase, there are also plenty of duds to waste your money on. Are these some of the worst photography purchases you've seen?

I'm not an impulsive buyer by any stretch of the imagination. When I get an inkling that I want something, I tend to go through a pattern of extensive research followed by even more intensive vacillating. So when I finally get to the stage where I'm ready to lay down my hard-earned cash, I'm generally confident that I won't soon get a case of buyer's regret. However, I have made some horrible purchases over the years. I think my worst was buying a camera bag that could hold my entire range of lenses. It had more pockets and nooks than an underground tunnel network. But as soon as I got it, I knew I'd stuffed up. After I'd put all my gear in, I could barely stumble out the door because it was so heavy. And why on earth would I need every lens on a day trip? I've made a few other embarrassing purchases that I'd rather not own up to, as well.

And that brings us to this great video by Henry Turner, in which he shares seven of his most absurd photography purchases. It's important to note that at the outset, Turner is at pains to say that it's an entirely subjective list that may differ for everyone. One of the most interesting purchases he speaks of is ND grad filters. The reason he says it was a terrible purchase is that you can do the exact same job in post-production, or in-camera through bracketing. It's a hot topic these days with all the AI advancements suggesting the day might come when photography is little more than data manipulation on software. He has a few other good ones too. Give the video a look and let me know some of your worst photography purchases over the years.

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