Arca-Swiss releases three new clicPan tripod heads for perfect panoramas every time

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Arca-Swiss has announced a new line of high-end tripod heads designed specifically for capturing panoramic images with consistent quality. It’s called the clicPan system and it consists of the C1 Cube cp, the Core 75 Leveler cp and the monoball p1+ cp.

Inside each of the three tripods is a system Arca-Swiss calls a variable interval rotator, which provides ‘a multi-function solution for both advanced amateurs and professional photographers,’ according to the company. After the base of the tripod head is leveled using either the knob or ball-head solution (depending on the model you opt for), the clicPan system can be activated to provide snap-in intervals for snapping multiple overlapping photographs.

More particularly, each of these heads can rotate at various degree intervals, including 40° (9 stops), 30° (12 stops), 24° (15 stops), 20° (18 stops), 15° (24 stops), 12° (30 stops), 10° (36 stops), 7.5° (48 stops), 6° (60 stops). Depending on the interval setting you have locked in, the head will audibly click’ into place at the given stops so you can snap perfectly-overlapping images every time. If you want to control your own destiny, there’s also an ‘Off’ position for rotating the head a full 360º as you see fit.

Both the C1 Cube cp and the Core 75 Leveler cp provide a load capacity of up to 30kg (66lbs) while the C1 Cube cp tops out at 40kg (88lbs). Both the monoball p1+ cp and C1 Cube offer a friction dial for more precise control with heavier camera systems attached.

The Arca-Swiss C1 Cube cp, the Core 75 Leveler cp and the monoball p1+ cp will start at $1,779, $1,167 and $850, respectively. Versions with Arca-Swiss’ monoballFix and flipLock quick-release systems are also available at slightly different price points (higher for flipLock, lower for monoballFix).

Arca-Swiss is still working on getting its global website up and running, but the heads should be popping up as available through third-party retailers, as Arca-Swiss says they’re in stock and available to order.

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