Add a Charming Edge to Your Design with the Robust ZEZE Typeface

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Bold, exaggerated typefaces are a elemental mode to adhd a dimensional facet to designs. When these overstated fonts are blended with a splash of unexpected details, it makes country for a bold, charming disposition.

Malaysian decorator Noel Hoe‘s typeface ZEZE uses bold, heavy lettering, quirky accents, intriguing counters, and thin, horizontal strokes to evoke an effortless consciousness of happiness. This expressive font has a dreamy consciousness of easiness that makes it perfect for poster designs oregon logos successful request of understated allure. It’s bold yet playful; a cleanable mode to adhd a humanistic attack to immoderate creation.

ZEZE is an experimental typeface designed by Noel Hoe. The typeface is simply a substance of each existing font families, hence featuring a peculiar look in presumption of the letterform shaping and spacing of the typeface. ZEZE includes 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, 10 numbers, 31 symbols & punctuations.

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