Abstract Nature Photography: A Guide (+ Tips and Ideas)

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Your usher  to abstract quality  photography

Abstract nature photography is strikingly beautiful; it often ends up connected the walls of creation collectors and galleries. But what really is it? And however tin you make gorgeous abstract quality shots of your own?

In this article, I stock everything you request to cognize to get started, including:

  • A fistful of abstract quality photograph ideas
  • Simple techniques to marque your quality shots look much abstract
  • Plenty of examples!

Ready to fto your creativity tally wild? Then let’s dive close in, starting with the basics:

What is abstract quality photography?

Abstract quality photography is each astir portraying earthy subjects successful unrecognizable ways. Abstract shooters usage assorted tools – specified arsenic close-up lenses, absorbing light, and clever framing – to detach a carnal taxable from the viewer’s cognition of it.

shadows connected  sand

For instance, a modular photographer, erstwhile presented with crystal connected a window, often captures an representation that intelligibly says, “This is crystal connected a window.” But an abstract photographer makes originative choices that amusement the crystal successful a antithetic light. For instance, they mightiness usage shallow extent of tract effects and a sideways space to item idiosyncratic pieces of ice. Or they mightiness usage a macro lens to seizure a full satellite of tiny detail, arsenic I did here:

ice crystals connected  a model   abstract quality  photography

Contrary to fashionable belief, abstract quality photos are not all blurry and shadowy. It’s existent that abstract creation is simply a abstraction for content and imagination, but the photos themselves tin beryllium bright, clear, and sharp.

Note that, by creating a region from the world’s carnal content, abstract images unfastened up a abstraction to research associations, feelings, and reactions. Through detachment from the concrete, the spectator tin find their ain meanings successful each photo!

The champion subjects for abstract quality photography

While you tin technically seizure abstract quality shots of conscionable astir immoderate subject, it often helps to find items with wide patterns and/or plentifulness of tiny detail.

For instance, photographers emotion to seizure close-ups of crystal and snow. A macro lens volition assistance you item the intricate item contiguous successful each tiny snowflake oregon crystal crystal; hence, it’s imaginable to make breathtaking images of crystal connected windows, snowfall connected trees, dripping icicles, and truthful overmuch more.

Water is different large abstract quality subject. I urge utilizing a telephoto lens to guarantee you capable the full framework with water. And caput retired successful the greeting oregon evening. That way, you tin seizure plentifulness of beauteous h2o reflections (which are produced by the debased sun).

water rippes abstract quality  photography

You tin besides usage a macro lens to make abstract flower and leaf shots. The person you tin get to your subject, the better; purpose to item assorted details, specified arsenic the enactment of a angiosperm petal oregon the veins of a leaf. It often helps to usage a shallow extent of field, which volition create pleasing bokeh and enactment accent connected the in-focus areas.

Abstract quality photography: the basics

To make abstract photos, you indispensable commencement with a factual subject. After all, if you don’t person a subject, you’ll person thing to photograph!

Once you’ve recovered your taxable – and I shared tons of ideas successful the erstwhile conception – analyse it for a fewer moments. Recognize the accepted ways you tin instrumentality a photo. And past bash what you tin to spell successful different direction.

abstract quality  photography intentional camera movement

For instance, you might:

  • Find a caller vantage constituent (down debased oregon up high)
  • Get successful adjacent (via a macro lens oregon different macro technique)
  • Shoot from supra (using a drone oregon a helicopter)
  • Wait for the airy to make absorbing shadiness patterns (usually successful the aboriginal greeting oregon precocious evening)
  • Try a originative method (such arsenic intentional camera movement)

(Note: If you’re funny astir immoderate of these techniques, I research respective successful greater extent passim the article.)

You tin usage my suggestions, oregon you tin effort retired ideas of your own. What’s important is that you walk clip investigating retired originative approaches. Don’t beryllium acrophobic to fail, either; abstract photographers often seizure galore misses for each hit.

And arsenic you spell along, marque definite you often cheque your images connected the LCD. That way, you tin guarantee you’ve nailed the exposure, positive you tin measure whether you’ve successfully abstracted each subject. If the results aren’t rather what you hoped, past marque immoderate tweaks to your attack and effort again!

abstract quality  photography patterns successful  the sand

How to seizure beauteous abstract quality photos: 5 tips

In this section, I stock a fistful of tips and techniques to assistance you instrumentality astonishing abstract shots.

1. Distance makes a immense difference

Abstract quality photographers person plentifulness of options, but 1 of the quickest ways to commencement producing stunning abstractions is by changing your distance. In different words, get precise adjacent to your subject, oregon get precise acold away.

If you tin get up close, you tin amusement the spectator each sorts of details that are hardly disposable to the bare eye. And they’ll person an aggravated acquisition arsenic your photograph reveals a full caller earthy world.

The champion mode to bash close-up abstract quality photos is with a macro lens; it’ll connection outstanding sharpness, beauteous all-around representation quality, and fantabulous handling. Unfortunately, macro lenses are beauteous expensive, truthful if you’re connected a budget, I’d promote you to see different close-up techniques, specified arsenic reverse-lens options. The representation prime won’t beryllium rather arsenic bully and the handling tin beryllium tough, but you tin inactive seizure pro-level shots, particularly if you thin into the optical defects introduced by the process.

abstract quality  photography

Getting acold capable distant from your taxable to make an abstract changeable is much difficult. You’ll mostly request a drone, though a chopper is different bully option. Here’s an representation of the water taken from precocious above:

the water  photographed from precocious   supra  abstract quality  photography

The cardinal is to get precocious capable truthful that your taxable is nary longer recognizable. Then make compositions utilizing the patterns and geometry that are disposable from precocious above.

2. Don’t beryllium acrophobic to miss focus

Not each abstract quality photos are retired of focus…

…but if you bash get the absorption incorrect connected purpose, the results tin beryllium incredible.

For this, you’ll request to power your lens implicit to manual focus. Find a taxable – the much colorful, the amended – past crook the absorption ringing until you’ve created a beauteous effect:

out-of-focus tract  of flowers

It besides helps to usage a longer lens and a wider aperture; that way, you get plentifulness of blur. I’d urge moving with astatine slightest a 50mm lens, and a 70-200mm lens is different large prime (plus it’ll springiness you much framing options).

If you’re struggling to find imaginable subjects, effort squinting oregon defocusing your eyes. It’ll springiness you an thought of however the country mightiness look erstwhile retired of focus. And erstwhile you find a bully subject, beryllium definite to instrumentality plentifulness of shots (remember, abstract photography tin beryllium precise deed and miss!).

3. Experiment with antithetic shutter speeds

Time is ever of the essence erstwhile it comes to photography, and abstract quality photography is nary exception. More specifically, by cautiously choosing your shutter speed, you tin make gorgeous abstract art.

For instance, if you lengthen the shutter velocity to 1/30s oregon greater, you tin seizure a beauteous moving-water blur. You tin besides photograph somewhat moving subjects – similar flowers trembling successful the upwind – and get stunning results. And by changing up your shutter speeds, you tin make a bid of precise different shots with the aforesaid moving object.

Another option is to determination your camera alternatively of the subject. Pick a longer shutter speed, deed the shutter button, and resistance your camera close to near oregon up and down. It’s a large mode to photograph flowers, ocean scenes, and forest landscapes. It’s however I captured this angiosperm shot:

intentional camera question   representation  of a angiosperm  successful  achromatic  and white

4. Use a shallow extent of field

The wider your aperture, the shallower the depth of field – and the much absorbing the result.

By dialing successful an aperture of f/2.8, f/1.8, oregon adjacent f/1.4, you tin instrumentality photos with a tiny absorption plane. The spectator tin anchor themselves connected that tiny sliver of sharpness, and they tin admit the impressionistic blur successful the foreground and background.

When moving with a shallow extent of field, I mostly urge shooting handheld. Because it’s precise casual to accidentally miss focus, instrumentality tons of photos (you tin adjacent effort utilizing your camera’s continuous shooting mode). And I’d besides promote you to effort focusing manually; it’ll assistance you acceptable your constituent of absorption successful the cleanable spot.

5. Look for colour combinations

When you’re conscionable starting retired successful abstract quality photography, it makes consciousness to absorption connected originative techniques. You indispensable larn however to seizure your subjects successful a full caller mode – by utilizing lengthy shutter speeds, by getting up close, and by moving with a shallow extent of field.

But erstwhile you go skilled successful originative techniques, you should absorption connected different cardinal element: color.

You see, by cautiously choosing and combining antithetic colors successful your photos, you tin make antithetic moods. You tin adhd equilibrium oregon tension, stress opposition oregon unity.

I’d urge starting with the basal colour wheel. Learn however other colors, specified arsenic reddish and green, nutrient contrast. Learn however akin colors, specified arsenic bluish and purple, nutrient harmony. Then look into much precocious colour combinations.

clouds astatine  sunset abstract quality  photography

Then, erstwhile you’re retired shooting, look for antithetic colors. Don’t hide astir originative techniques, of course, but alternatively incorporated the colors into your abstract shots. Let the colors heighten your images. Make sense?

Abstract quality photography: last words

broken histrion   trunk with shadows abstract quality  photography

If you’re conscionable getting started with quality photography, an abstract attack volition assistance you get to cognize your camera, effort retired antithetic techniques, and seizure beauteous photos successful the process.

If you’re a much experienced quality shooter, an abstract attack volition assistance you research and grow your creativity.

Regardless, retrieve the tips I’ve shared. Don’t beryllium acrophobic to set your focus, cautiously take your shutter speed, and wage attraction to color.

And person plentifulness of amusive on the way!

What bash you deliberation of abstract quality photography? What subjects bash you program to photograph? Please stock your thoughts and images successful the comments below.





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