A sneak-peek at Synco’s new G3 wireless microphones

2 weeks ago 7

We all strive for the highest quality of footage when we’re filming. But let’s face it, bad audio will sink your video faster than you can say ‘iceberg ahead’.

With that in mind, there are many many options of microphones for recording stellar audio, all suited to different needs. DIYP caught up with Colberg Ambassador Karim Yatrib to learn more about Synco‘s so-new-it-isn’t-released-yet G3 Wireless microphones.

The G2 is a very reliable microphone and has developed a wide fanbase. So what can we expect from the new version, the G3?

It’s an incredibly slick set-up, with the microphones slotting neatly into either side of the receiver. You can record directly into the very slim line microphones so there is less need for an extra lav mic wired into the transmitter. That makes mic-ing up even easier and quicker, although there is still the option to plug in a lav mic when needed.

The mics record up to 20 hours of audio, and you can control the gain and FX easily from the large and clear screen on the receiver. Headphones can be plugged into the receiver and audio can be transmitted directly to the camera at the same time. The system also works seamlessly with smartphones.

The Synco G3 wireless microphones are so new that as yet there is no information on price or when they will become available. Watch this space!



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