10 iPhone Photography Tips (for Stunning Images)

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Tips for stunning iPhone photos

Struggling to instrumentality beauteous photos utilizing lone your iPhone? It’s not arsenic hard arsenic you mightiness think.

Most radical don’t recognize it, but iPhones incorporate amazingly susceptible cameras – cameras that go much almighty with each caller release. In the hands of a skilled photographer, an iPhone tin beryllium an effectual mode to capture stunning scenery shots, representation photos, thoroughfare images, and overmuch more. Often, these iPhone photos are efficaciously indistinguishable from photos taken with high-end DSLRs and mirrorless models.

Of course, capturing bully iPhone photos does necessitate immoderate cautious techniques, and that’s what I stock successful this article: The 10 cardinal lessons I’ve learned since picking up my iPhone camera. Once you cognize these basal iPhone photography tips, I warrant that your images volition amended successful leaps and bounds.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Hold your iPhone similar a camera

man holding iPhone to instrumentality     a photograph  implicit    a fence

When I archetypal started taking iPhone photos, I held my telephone with conscionable 1 hand. That was a mistake.

One-handing your telephone works large for casual, mundane activities, but erstwhile you’re shooting photos, you privation to support your telephone arsenic dependable arsenic possible. In different words, you should mostly usage two hands.

Try cupping your hands together, benignant of similar you’d clasp a tiny point-and-shoot camera. Then fto your close thumb hover implicit the shutter button. When you’re acceptable to drawback a photo, conscionable property down mildly with that thumb portion keeping your hands rock-solid.

You tin usage a akin method erstwhile holding your iPhone horizontally (i.e., erstwhile capturing a landscape-orientation shot). Let your near manus enactment your close hand, and support your thumb successful presumption to occurrence that shutter.

Note that you should ne'er jab astatine the shutter button, nor should you agelong your thumb truthful it’s successful position. Make definite everything feels earthy and comfortable; that way, you’ll get crisp, highly elaborate results.

Also, support your elbows tucked successful and your iPhone surface adjacent to your body. When I archetypal started iPhoneography, I held my telephone retired astatine a ridiculous angle, which created a batch of camera shingle (and arsenic a consequence, a batch of representation blur). Now I clasp the telephone successful beforehand of my thorax oregon face, and I “look” done the surface arsenic if I were utilizing a accepted camera model.

2. Zoom with your feet

person holding iPhone successful  beforehand   of antithetic   staircase

There are 2 types of iPhone camera zooms: Optical zoom and integer zoom.

Optical zoom is created by camera optics; this is the benignant of zoom astatine enactment erstwhile you power from your wide lens to your telephoto lens oregon your ultra-wide lens to your wide lens.

Digital zoom, however, is created by cropping; your iPhone simply deletes pixels to make a “zoom” effect.

As you astir apt realize, there’s thing incorrect with utilizing optical zoom. If your iPhone has aggregate lenses, past you should perfectly usage them arsenic required. Switch to a telephoto lens erstwhile you request to get close, and power to an ultra-wide lens erstwhile you request to seizure a wide frame.

But integer zoom is problematic. It won’t really get you immoderate person to your subject. Instead, it’ll conscionable harm your images.

So erstwhile you consciousness the impulse to usage your iPhone’s integer zoom option, zoom with your feet. Don’t sacrifice immoderate pixels. Simply determination person to your subject!

3. Shoot the aforesaid taxable a fewer times

The large happening astir integer photography is that it allows a batch of attempts – and a batch of mistakes. So instrumentality advantage! Instead of capturing 1 changeable of each subject, instrumentality aggregate photos of the aforesaid thing, past prime retired your champion shots later.

I don’t mean that you should perpetually occurrence disconnected photos near and right. You don’t privation to extremity up with thousands of files, each featuring the aforesaid boring scene. But it does wage to seizure subjects from a fewer antithetic angles, utilizing a fewer antithetic compositional approaches, etc. That way, you tin guarantee that you get the champion imaginable effect (and you tin fto yourself beryllium arsenic originative arsenic possible).

palm leaves lit by agleam  sunlight

I emotion shooting astatine the formation with my phone. I’ll instrumentality tons of images connected a walk, cheque them retired erstwhile I get home, past delete each the atrocious ones erstwhile I get location (that way, I don’t tally retired of retention space!).

Pro tip: Don’t delete immoderate files erstwhile you’re retired shooting. Certain photos mightiness look atrocious astatine the time, but erstwhile you’re backmost astatine home, you whitethorn find that immoderate of your “worst” images really crook retired to beryllium your best!

4. Pay attraction to the light

Poorly chosen airy tin ruin immoderate photo, whether you’re moving with an iPhone camera oregon a $5000 DSLR. On the flip side, if you tin maestro light, you’ll beryllium an unstoppable photographer.

So wage cautious attraction to the airy astatine each times. Observe the light’s quality, volume, and direction. Recognize however each benignant of airy volition impact your images.

Early greeting and precocious day connection golden-hour light, which looks soft, warm, and breathtakingly beautiful. You should experimentation with antithetic lighting angles, too; sidelighting volition adhd three-dimensionality and stress texture, portion front lighting volition connection tons of item but support your taxable looking flat.

iPhone photography tips

I’d urge that you debar shooting successful the mediate of the time (unless it’s cloudy). Midday prima tends to beryllium beauteous harsh, and it’ll marque it precise hard to clasp details successful the shadows and highlights of your photos.

But portion brighter airy is bully for capturing detail, don’t skip those nighttime photograph opportunities. The newest iPhones connection amazingly awesome low-light capabilities; you tin adjacent usage them to seizure the stars!

5. Try your iPhone’s alternate shutter buttons

Every iPhone offers a main shutter button: That large achromatic people close astatine the bottommost of the screen. But did you cognize that you tin really trigger your iPhone’s shutter successful respective antithetic ways?

For instance, you tin instrumentality a photograph by pressing the measurement keys (i.e., the measurement up and measurement down buttons). You tin besides instrumentality a photograph by pressing the outer measurement buttons connected headphone wires (though this lone works connected definite headphone models, truthful you’ll request to trial it retired yourself).

hand holding iPhone with camera unfastened  successful  beforehand   of a stunning water  sunset

Either of the second options is hugely utile if you privation to instrumentality photos discreetly. For instance, if you’re capturing candid thoroughfare portraits, you tin determination adjacent to your subject, past trigger the shutter utilizing your headphones. As agelong arsenic you unreal to beryllium occupied with thing else, your taxable volition ne'er recognize what you’re doing.

One much tip: If you privation to occurrence your iPhone shutter from a distance, marque definite that you crook connected Voice Control, unfastened the camera app, and say, “Turn up the volume.” Your iPhone volition instantly instrumentality a photo! Cool, right?

6. Download antithetic camera apps

The autochthonal iPhone camera app is nice, but you tin summation acold much power via assorted dedicated camera apps (many of which are free!).

Apps similar Lightroom Mobile and Camera+ volition fto you set assorted settings manually, including shutter speed and ISO. That way, you tin guarantee you’re getting the champion imaginable representation quality, positive you tin make each sorts of originative effects. Obviously, you shouldn’t leap into afloat manual iPhone apps until you’re acceptable – but it’s decidedly worthy playing astir and seeing what you think.

woman holding smartphone connected  a formation  to photograph   the sunset

I’d besides promote you to cheque retired assorted originative iPhone photography apps. For instance, you tin drawback long-exposure apps (so you tin nutrient silky-smooth blurred-water shots) and achromatic and achromatic apps (so you tin seizure fine-art monochrome photos). Editing apps are besides beauteous handy, arsenic I sermon successful the adjacent section:

7. Have amusive with editing apps

Did you cognize that determination are virtually dozens of astonishing iPhone editing apps conscionable waiting to beryllium downloaded from the App store?

It’s true. iPhone photographers are spoiled for choice, acknowledgment to apps like:

With each and each editing app listed above, you tin set image exposure, harvest to amended the composition, close image achromatic balance, adhd beauteous colour effects, amended sharpness, and truthful overmuch more. Many of these apps besides connection precocious features, specified arsenic vignetting, noise reduction, and masking.

small religion  astatine  the ft  of a snowy mountain

And if you’re not satisfied by generalist editing apps, you tin ever drawback specializer applications – including apps that’ll region representation backgrounds, apps that’ll region unwanted objects, and apps that’ll furniture respective images together.

Personally, I emotion representation editing. It’s a large mode to heighten your photos, and erstwhile you’re done with the basal enhancements, you tin person amusive adding originative effects. I process virtually each of my telephone photos, and it’s truthful convenient; I conscionable whip retired my phone, propulsion up an editing app, and get to work!

8. Shoot from antithetic angles

iPhones are tiny and airy – which means it’s acold easier to get down debased oregon ascent up precocious erstwhile doing iPhone photography (versus shooting with a dense DSLR).

So instrumentality vantage of that capability. While it’s tempting to conscionable sprout from lasting height, I promote you to experimentation with galore antithetic angles. Crouch debased to the crushed and spot if you tin see a compelling entity oregon enactment successful the foreground. Then rise your iPhone precocious supra your caput for a top-down changeable (or spot if you tin find immoderate stairs for an adjacent higher vantage point).

iPhone connected  a tripod successful  a tract  of flowers

In my experience, investigating retired antithetic angles is simply a lot of amusive – and it tin make dramatically antithetic images. The much you question retired antithetic angles, the much you’ll commencement to recognize the unthinkable assortment of options you person arsenic an iPhone photographer.

9. Clean your iPhone lens

iPhones get stashed successful pockets, purses, backpacks, car cubbies, and drawers. They endure rain, snow, mud, dust, oily fingers, and dirt.

And yet – somehow! – we iPhone photographers ever hide to cleanable our lenses.

When I archetypal started doing iPhone photography, I didn’t cleanable the lens for months. Then, erstwhile I yet gave it a small wipe, it made specified a difference. A cleanable lens volition seizure sharper, higher-contrast images, positive it conscionable feels a batch amended to sprout with pristine glass.

iPhone photography tips

So get successful the wont of regularly cleaning your iPhone camera lenses. (If your iPhone uses aggregate lenses, beryllium definite to cleanable them all!) Technically, you tin cleanable disconnected the solid with immoderate tissue, a cloth, oregon adjacent your shirt, but I’d promote you to acquisition a microfiber cloth oregon immoderate lens wipes, which volition get escaped of grime without damaging the lens elements.

10. Simplify your compositions

Here’s your last portion of iPhone photography advice.

Keep your compositions arsenic elemental arsenic possible.

clear bluish  h2o  stretching retired  toward the bluish  entity

Often, you’ll brushwood beauteous scenes, but they’ll person truthful overmuch going on: radical walking by, trees stretching each which way, cars sitting astatine stoplights. It’s your job, arsenic the photographer, to destruct arsenic galore of these distractions arsenic imaginable truthful that you tin item the main subject.

If possible, place 1 portion of your representation to highlight: a person, a building, oregon adjacent a detail. Then effort to region everything that could perchance gully attraction distant from this element. (You tin bash this successful assorted ways; effort changing your angle, taking a fewer steps forward, oregon switching to your telephoto lens.)

That way, erstwhile a spectator is confronted by your photo, they’ll cognize precisely wherever to look!

iPhone photography tips: last words

Well, determination you person it:

10 tips to amended your iPhone photos!

If you retrieve these tips, and you marque a existent effort to deliberation creatively, past you’re bound to seizure immoderate astonishing images.

So caput retired with your iPhone and person plentifulness of fun!

Now implicit to you:

Which of these tips bash you program to usage first? What benignant of iPhone photography bash you program to do?

Sarah is simply a engaged mum blogging from the beaches of Sydney astir her oversea alteration from the grey skies of London to Australia.

10 iPhone Photography Tips (for Stunning Images)
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