10 Best Lightroom Alternatives (Free & Paid)

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the champion  alternatives to Adobe Lightroom

Interested successful the champion Lightroom alternatives for organizing and editing your photos? You’re successful the close place.

Lightroom is 1 of the astir fashionable photograph editors and managers connected the market, but it’s surely not your lone option. Below, we stock our apical 10 favourite alternate post-processing programs – truthful whether you’re a Lightroom idiosyncratic looking for a alteration oregon you’re a beginner researching each imaginable software, this nonfiction volition assistance you out.

Our database includes escaped and paid options arsenic good arsenic programs for beginner and precocious editors. By the clip you’ve finished reading, you’ll beryllium acceptable to take the champion bundle for your needs.

1. RawTherapee

Raw Therapee Best Lightroom Alternatives for free

An open-source programme for photograph editing and management, RawTherapee is simply a fantastic escaped Lightroom alternative. It’s not hard to use, but the interface tin beryllium off-putting if you’re utilized to moving successful Lightroom oregon different fashionable programs.

Fortunately, the learning curve isn’t particularly steep (depending connected your photo-editing requirements). And there’s a RawPedia afloat of worldly to assistance you fig retired immoderate you need.

RawTherapee besides allows for batch editing, and it tin beryllium synced with Photoshop oregon GIMP if you request to bash precocious photograph retouching and manipulation.

If you’re funny successful learning more, cheque retired our in-depth Lightroom versus RawTherapee comparison.


  • Free
  • Syncs with PS and GIMP
  • Windows, iOS, and Linux versions are available


  • No unreality storage
  • Steeper learning curve

2. Luminar

Best Lightroom Alternatives Luminar

Skylum Luminar is simply a paid editing programme that includes a photograph manager. Until recently, it was lone disposable arsenic a one-time purchase, which could beryllium an advantage, particularly erstwhile the bundle was connected sale. (Skylum did merchandise caller products somewhat frequently, truthful if you wanted to usage the company’s cutting-edge software, you needed to acquisition a caller programme each twelvemonth oregon so.)

Now, however, Skylum has a much analyzable attack to merchandise improvement and sales. You tin inactive bargain the company’s Luminar AI program with a one-time payment, but it’s not the latest and top product. The champion program, Luminar Neo, is offered arsenic a subscription (monthly oregon yearly plans are available) oregon arsenic a one-off purchase. But it’s not a azygous asset; instead, you tin acquisition “extensions” that are sold separately from the main software.

Regardless of your outgo preferences, what’s particularly important to retrieve is that some Luminar AI and Luminar Neo are almighty photograph editors, and they besides see a conception wherever you tin negociate your images. The biggest quality is that Luminar AI is designed to connection casual one-click solutions for photograph editing, portion Luminar Neo gives you much originative power and truthful has a steeper learning curve.


  • AI tools
  • Easy to use
  • Selective editing


  • Paid
  • Confusing pricing model

3. Adobe Bridge

best Lightroom alternatives Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is Adobe’s assets manager. Unlike Lightroom, it supports aggregate video and audio formats, AI files, PDFs, 3D materials, etc.

To edit a photograph utilizing Adobe Bridge, you request to instal Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). It works arsenic a plugin, truthful you tin motorboat it from wrong of Bridge (but you can’t unfastened it separately).

Adobe Camera Raw has a precise akin interface to Lightroom, and the features are fundamentally identical. It fundamentally gives you Lightroom – and erstwhile you harvester ACR with Bridge, you get a much almighty record manager.

To usage Bridge, you bash request an Adobe rank plan; if you determine to spell this route, see purchasing the Photography plan oregon the Photoshop app.


  • Supports aggregate record formats
  • Free with immoderate of the Adobe CC apps
  • Syncs with Photoshop


  • Photo editing via ACR plug-in
  • Requires an Adobe membership

4. ACDSee

best Lightroom alternatives ACDSee

As acold arsenic paid choices go, ACDSee offers immoderate of the champion Lightroom alternatives you tin find. The institution offers aggregate products to acceptable the needs and budgets of antithetic types of photographers (though it whitethorn beryllium hard to determine which is champion for you).

Whichever programme you choose, you’ll summation entree to coagulated bundle that offers integer plus absorption and photograph editing. And astatine the clip of writing, each the ACDSee editing products see Luxea Video Editor for free.

ACDSee programs are intuitive and casual to use, which makes them cleanable for beginners. They besides person immoderate precise almighty tools some for managing and editing, truthful nonrecreational photographers volition beryllium plentifulness satisfied. Furthermore, Lightroom users needing to migrate their photos tin easy import databases from Lightroom Classic.


  • Multiple solutions to take from
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy import of LR database


  • Only 1 merchandise for Mac
  • No photograph editing successful the escaped version

5. Apple Photos

best Lightroom alternatives Apple Photos

Apple Photos is escaped and pre-installed connected each Apple device. In fact, iPhones and iPad cameras automatically upload their images to Apple Photos – but you tin besides import images from different cameras and devices. It supports each representation formats, including RAW files, and it supports video, arsenic well.

Apple Photos uses on-device instrumentality learning to assistance you signifier and filter your files. This is simply a large mode to negociate and hunt done your images much efficiently. You tin besides sync your files utilizing Apple iCloud truthful that you tin entree them connected each your iOS devices.

Photo and video editing are non-destructive, and Apple Photos offers automatic tools that you tin usage to fine-tune your files. Unfortunately, it doesn’t person galore precocious editing features – not yet, astatine least. But it is continuously being updated and has greatly improved successful the past fewer years, truthful who knows? Maybe it volition get much nonrecreational successful the future!


  • Free
  • iPhone Live Photos preview
  • Nondestructive editing
  • On-device instrumentality learning AI tools


  • Only for iOS
  • Not galore precocious tools

6. ON1 Photo RAW

best Lightroom alternatives ON1 Photo RAW

ON1 Photo RAW is an fantabulous Lightroom alternate – 1 that’s disposable arsenic either a one-off acquisition oregon a subscription. If you spell with the subscription plan, you get each the products and plug-ins, each aboriginal updates, and adjacent unreality storage. But if you drawback the programme arsenic a one-off purchase, you’ll request to wage for aboriginal updates separately.

Photo RAW is simply a almighty photograph exertion with aggregate AI tools that enactment precise well; the NoNoise AI diagnostic is peculiarly impressive. You besides get plentifulness of manual features if you privation to person afloat power implicit the editing process.

The programme besides has absorption tools that let you to organize, cull, and complaint your files. It supports each RAW formats and allows you to power to a accelerated preview enactment if you request to browse your files quickly. (You tin make full-quality previews astatine a aboriginal time.)


  • Subscription oregon acquisition available
  • Compatible with PS plugins
  • Excellent NoNoise AI tool
  • Free unreality retention with a subscription plan


  • Paid
  • Interface could beryllium better

7. Darktable

best Lightroom alternatives darktable

Like galore unfastened root programs, Darktable tin beryllium overwhelming for beginners – particularly those who aren’t tech-savvy. You don’t request to cognize coding to usage the program, but erstwhile browsing resources oregon checking retired the FAQ conception of the website, you mightiness get confused. This is chiefly due to the fact that you’ll travel crossed programming presumption that aren’t portion of the mean photographer’s vocabulary.

However, erstwhile you recognize however to usage Darktable, you’ll recognize that it’s a precise almighty bundle and an astonishing escaped Lightroom alternative

You tin import your photos into Darktable for casual search, rating, and tagging. The programme supports each earthy formats and has some basal and precocious editing features. It besides offers aggregate export formats and the quality to export images straight to email, Facebook, and Flickr.


  • Free
  • Non-destructive editing
  • Available for each platforms


  • Not specified a affable interface
  • Steeper learning curve

8. DxO PhotoLab

best Lightroom alternatives DxO PhotoLab

DxO PhotoLab is simply a almighty photograph editor. The absorption tools are much basic, but this is understandable due to the fact that the Library and organizing features were lone precocious added.

It boasts outstanding editing tools; 1 of the champion is the sound simplification upgrade. If you similar to person afloat control, you’ll emotion the U Point exertion that offers customizable Control Lines and Points for easier and much precise masking.

As I mentioned above, the absorption tools are connected the simpler side, but you tin inactive cull and signifier your images. You tin besides browse them utilizing the caller dynamic hunt option.

Note that you person a escaped transcript of PhotoLab 5 with the acquisition of the (outstanding) Nik Collection.


  • AI tools
  • Nik postulation plugins
  • U Point exertion for precise selective editing


  • Paid
  • Management tools could beryllium better
  • Confusing pricing model

9. Capture One

Capture One Best Lightroom Alternatives for Professionals

Capture One is an unthinkable Lightroom alternative, but beryllium warned: It’s not targeted astatine beginners. It costs more, it offers afloat power implicit each measurement of the workflow, and it has precise fewer car oregon one-click features.

Capture One’s absorption capabilities let you to efficiently cull and signifier your images. You tin besides make astute albums, export photos successful antithetic formats to antithetic locations, and preview the export look earlier processing.

You tin usage Capture One for wireless tethered shooting with compositional overlays. It’s imaginable to customize your workspace and marque annotations connected your images. The bundle is jam-packed with editing tools and the results are precise precocious quality.


  • Subscription oregon one-time acquisition available
  • Includes tethered shooting
  • Customizable workspace and workflow
  • Solutions for businesses and teams


  • Expensive
  • Steep learning curve

10. Google Photos

Google Photos Lightroom alternatives

Google Photos offers photograph editing and absorption features, and for amateurs and beginner photographers, it’s a decent pick.

Thanks to the auto-backup diagnostic that uploads straight from your gallery, it’s a large manager for smartphone photos. You tin besides manually upload photos from different devices utilizing the browser version. You get 15 GB of retention for free, and you tin ever acquisition much if you request it.

Google Photos offers basal photograph editing including a one-click feature. It besides has amusive tools similar Cinematic Moments (which animates 2 akin photos).

It uses AI to assistance you find your images by place, look detection, and more. However, it does deficiency nonrecreational absorption tools similar keyword tagging.


  • Free
  • AI hunt tools
  • Auto-backup from your phone
  • 15 GB storage


  • No longer offers unlimited storage
  • No precocious editing features
  • No keyword tagging
Lightroom Mobile champion  Lightroom alternatives

If you’re looking for the champion Lightroom alternatives due to the fact that you don’t similar Lightroom, past simply disregard this proposition – but if you’re simply looking for a escaped alternative, past see Lightroom Mobile, which has a (very functional) constricted escaped version.

Although immoderate tools are constricted to paid members, the escaped mentation tin grip rather a spot of editing. It besides offers 2 GB of unreality retention truthful that you tin besides usage it arsenic a record manager.


  • Free
  • Selective editing
  • Cloud storage


  • Limited features
  • Mobile-only
  • Requires an Adobe account

Which Lightroom alternate should you choose?

Though Adobe products are precise almighty tools, they’re surely not the lone crippled successful town. As you tin see, determination are galore valid alternatives for those wishing to power from Lightroom (or those who simply privation to debar it from the start).

If you’re looking for a escaped Lightroom alternative, you person 2 types of programs to take from: escaped and unfastened root oregon escaped and commercial. And successful the paid category, you person a prime betwixt one-off purchases oregon subscriptions.

To marque the close decision, marque definite you equilibrium your fund with your editing and file-management needs arsenic good arsenic your idiosyncratic skillset.

Best Lightroom alternatives: last thoughts

Lightroom is some a photograph exertion and a record manager. Taking this into account, I’ve aimed to stock Lightroom alternatives that see some capabilities.

Of course, if you lone request editing or file-management bundle (or you’re consenting to usage abstracted programs for each task), past you person galore much choices.

Which programme bash you program to use? Why? Share your thoughts successful the comments below!

10 Best Lightroom Alternatives (Free & Paid)
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